About the Economic Tendency Survey

The Economic Tendency Survey is a report that compiles business and consumers view of the economy. The report is published monthly and consists of three parts. Similar surveys are conducted in other EU countries.

The Economic Tendency Indicator is based on monthly surveys of households and firms and consequently captures the sentiment among these players in the Swedish economy. The indicator is based on the information contained in the confidence indicators for industry, the service sector, construction, the retail trade and consumers.

The Business Survey

Each month we interview 6,000 firms in the business sector on actual outcomes, the current situation and future expectations. It is intended to provide a quick qualitative indication of actual outcomes and expectations regarding central economic variables for which no quantitative data are yet available. The variables in the survey include new orders, output, and employment.

The aim of the Business Tendency Survey is to be a fast source of reliable indicators pertaining to outcome, the present situation and expectations for important economic variables lacking current quantitative data.

The Consumer Tendency Survey

The purpose of the Consumer Tendency Survey is to provide rapid qualitative indications of household plans to purchase consumer durables and attitudes to the economic situation in Sweden, personal finances, inflation and saving.

The survey provides a quick qualitative indication of household plans to purchase durable goods and consumer sentiment on the economic situation in Sweden, personal finances, inflation and saving.

The interviews take place during the first two weeks of each month and are evenly distributed from day one to day 15. All EU countries conduct similar monthly surveys and the questions in the National Institute of Economic Research's economic tendency surveys have been harmonized in accordance with EU guidelines.

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